28th of August, Day 1.

•August 29, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Today started pretty weird for me.. I’m usually a morning person, but for some reason i just could not get up to go to school with Sebastian today. Well, i was having an awesome dream. Haha. So i get a ride from Desiree. She’s so beautiful and so funny, but obviously has no taste in me, but hey, can’t win them all. So we get to class and my homework wasn’t done (which i was freaking out about while in car with Dez because i found out there was homework); so i quickly worked on it in the secret lab room. I got most of it done..but not all of it. Everyone began to present their homework..Dez was actually the one who went first..haha too cute. But everytime i start to find someone attractive..i think back to Shawna, who i’m like obsessing over from back home. I mean..Shawna is basically the perfect girl. She’s smart, absolutely gorgeous, a hard worker, and her personality is incredible, but the bitch that i once was, just now decided to talk to her..a week before i left for college. yeah, annoying. But back to my day.. so i was up to present and thank fuckin’ god im so creative because i bullshitted that entire speech and everyone seemed to like it, so yeah awesome. hahaha. Then Dez and i just sit there and watch the teacher talk about god knows what and we just draw the entire time. Class ended and i was soo happy to be out..wow gay. Dez drives me home and i go to the my apartment to find Mario just layin on the coach as usual. Haha, love that guy. So i barely remember what happens when i get to the apartment. But i go to Sebastians apartment and we eat. finally..i was fuckin starving. Once that is all done, Mike, Sebastian’s roommate asks me to make him a sandwhich for a dollar..and seeing how my broke ass would do anything for money i did it. Haha, but i also wanted to show him my cooking skills. After i was done making the perfect sandwhich, mike begs for another one. He LOVED it. Haha, i knew he would. I’m just randomly good at cooking i guess. haha. So then i go back to my apartment and get some homework done so i dont have to do all this bullshit i did this morning. Oh, i forgot to mention i called American Apperal, the job i applied for and got an interview for..but never got a call back..so i decided to call them back..but of course my luck..Jessica (the manager) wasn’t there. But back to when i go back to my apartment..I get there and do my homework. Pretty simple. But i get bored quick and play Xbox with Dan Bell, my boy from back home. And he was telling about all the drugs he’s been doing with Ryan and Chase and it made me happy…hahahhahahaha..weird how i find joy in my friends doing drugs. Oh well, they’re smart, they’ll be fine. And we play some Halo 3 for a bit and then i go to Mor’s apartment with Sebastian to see if he would drive us to In and Out to get some burgers..and he wasn’t there..GAY..so we go to Doug’s, and scott, dave, yoshi, and tim were there..so we just chilled with them for a bit..and then eventually tim got us In and Out and Sebastian and i felt soo good after that..hahaha, and then we smokedĀ  a fat L and i felt even better. And that’s basically my day. Can’t wait to see what happens to tomorrow. And a tip for friday to sundays my blogs will consist of those 3 days to be one big blog because i don’t have my computer for those three days. so yeah. peace.